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Chiropractic treatment of headaches and migraines.Chiropractors have high success rates in providing long-term relief from headaches and migraines. This is because Chiropractic treatment philosophy focuses on correcting the causes of headaches. Most headaches have spinal, neurovascular and musco-skeletal tendencies along with repetitive habit patterns (sitting in the same position / doing the same things all day). In modern medicine, treatments have included hot and cold therapy, acupuncture, soft issue mobilisation and manipulation of various types and analgesia. Chiropractic therapy embraces many of these protocols.Chiropractors mostly treat headaches by:• Concentrating their treatment regimes on the neuro-vascular and musco-skeletal element of the cervico-dorsal area of the body. • Focusing on soft tissue and manipulative techniques that are gentle, non-forceful and non-invasive therapies. #chiropractor #randburg #chiropractic #northcliff ... See MoreSee Less
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Can Chiropractors help with headaches and migraines?The short answer to this question is: Yes, a chiropractor will more than likely be able to assist you with headaches and migraines – your chiropractor will conduct a thorough diagnosis and provide the appropriate treatment and/or referral.Headaches are a universal problem that humankind has struggled with for hundreds of years and is one of the leading ailments presented to chiropractors. The most common types and causes of headaches are:• Cervicogenic headaches (which is essentially a neuro-vascular problem in the upper cervical spine)• Cervico-dorsal tension headaches which manifest in the neck and upper back.• Post traumatic injuries to the head or neck e.g. whiplash and sports injuries• Migraines and cluster headaches• Analgesic overdosing / prolonged usage of medications• Headaches developed from poor postural habits stemming from long work hours spent sitting at desks and looking at computer monitors. Headaches are often neurovascular in nature with musculo-skeletal and soft tissue involvement, which is why Chiropractic treatment is such an effective therapy, providing immediate and long-term relief.#chiropractor #chiropractic #migraine #headache ... See MoreSee Less
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Dr Richard Wayman Chiropractor
#Repost @casa_south_africa (@get_repost)・・・The 27th of April commemorates the first democratic elections held in South Africa.Let us celebrate this Freedom Day as one nation. ... See MoreSee Less
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Do you ever experience pain and swelling in your wrist? You may be battling tendonitis of your wrist.This problem is most often caused by repetitive strain of the hand and wrist and may be treated with conservative means such as ice, massage and adjustments. Visit your local CASA-registered chiropractor to find out more about your treatment options.membership.chiropractic.co.za/Public/Index#/findAChiropractor#CASA #Chiropractor #DoctorOfChiropractic ... See MoreSee Less
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